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im so fucking mad right now. one thing i hate is being invade iwth privacy and ppl just open my room's fuckin door and look in or walk in etc. and continously doing it. and i cant lock the fuking door. and ppl asking me questions and shit. just shut the fuck up. i totally screwed up the desk now. ug. i want to just fuckin get out of this place.

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it fades that quick once you stop thinking.

hm... i think i wanna learn to play drums. my mother told me i gotta quick tae kwon do after this week on the phone. she said she'll talk more when she get home. bullshit. again.

today was so boring. im sorry. but i really wanna get out of school now. i faked sick. i said i have diarreah and my stomach hurts HAHAHA. yea... and my dad picked me up from school and gave me medicines in which i threw in the trashcan.

trying my best. only 2 more months. that's it. 2 more months. you can do it =_-

btw. am i good at lying? i think im terrible at it.

you hot and you know it

once you finish with one there's another poping out. they always there.

i thought i should just be super nice. but really. i dont think i can. because the person says so that theres respect etc for me. im sorry. but i cant see it. even when i try to be nice to see it. i dont really see it. that's just the way it is. and ill be ignorant and not care about it. next!

on the other hand. my grandma is cooking this awesome vietnamese snack that i havent eat for a long time. yum. may be i should bring some to school for others at lunch. if i remember too. always late in the morning. oh and i like to look at the mirror and make facial expressions. it's cool. love yourself. haha. retard.
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spent a day at natacha's place

i skip school and spent the whole day at natacha's house today. it was fun. we watched a lot of dbsg stuffs. it was hilarious laughing at them. i like them now.
saying goodbye is sad. i didnt think it would be. but its sad when you just start to get close to the person and realize how awesome the friendship is and having to say goodbye right there. it's sad. but life moves on. and it makes me wanna be better and value and take all the chances i have. it makes me value her so much more as a friend after today. and i cant wait to get out of school and experience life more.
we had this chat of serious issues. and then i think of things just now. and it makes me feel so empowered. 'cause i realized all the confusions inside. the way ppl are. and i just got this incredible courage to just express myself and not afraid of anything. oh and i also realized... i burb. haha. and i dont even notice it. it needs to be louder man. haha. sorry natacha. i burb right into her ears when we were watching the videos! LOL that was funny. 'cause i didnt even know i burb! and she laughed and i was like ' what? ' and she was like ' you burb. ' hahaha.
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UGGGGGGGGG WTF i took the stupid fuckin driving test shit 3 times and failed it. so basicly it took 50$ out of my mother's bank account for nothing. well that's what she get for making me take the fuckin test when i keep saying im not ready and i havent study shit. this is fuckin stupid. she's gonna kill me if i dont get this thing done. man. im so lazy to read this shit and i dont even wanna drive anyways so wth. and whats the fuckin hurry for when im 17? it's not like im 15 or 16 and can drive after a year. and since im not 18 yet i cant drive either. so why i cant just do it a few months later or something huh? >_< fuck this. why dont she just get someone who knows and take the damn test for me instead? >_>
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natacha's farewell party.

i just came back from natacha's farewell party. man. i keep forgetting to say i love you back when ppl say it to me. so i'd like to take this time to say I LOVE YOU NATACHA!!! :D i hope i seemed sincered enough. 'cause ppl think i dont care, cold or whatever but i do care and ill miss you even though we're like new friends and all.

oh and this may bring up some shit but i have to say to alyssa. ok the hunchback thing was not an offense at all. i didnt think it would offense in the first place. 'cause i was curious since the first day! it was simply a question i wanted to be answer. and sorry if you have bad expriences of ppl telling you hurt things. and this may sounds even stupider but i read in some magazine of gabby that pisce should stay away from libra. libra = me pisce = alyssa. it sounds supersificent however you spell that. but i think we have a lot of shit. like somehow these little things would easily offense you.

help me out bitch!

i may go skipping with al tomorrow. even though i shouldnt 'cause i got a test plus i need to ask about service hours and shit. ok. i still have 31 more to do by APRIL. guys help me out! know where i can get double service hours? i've been thinking of just fake it like fill in the paper and sign it myself there's a phone section though... they dont actually call people and ask right? if not then can anyone let me see their paper so i can copy the same info down?
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skip skip skip da beat

suddenly i feel a bit of life. a bit of hope. a bit of future. and a bit of companion.
thanks E.

i wanna sing. who wanna be in a band? haha jk. im not good enough and not interested in the music industry. but it's cool to perform as you all know i love to perform. acting, dacing, singing, etc. so i'd like to may be have a band and perform at some bars etc on weekends. but that's pretty stupid 'cause i cant sing for shit. but heck yea im a good performer and im pretty sure i wont be dead on stage. well. it's nice to dream.

im so fukin busy lately especially now that i found out service hours are due APRIL! not may. i have 31 to do!!! fuck that. everything is happening all the sudden. i really want to draw natacha a picture but damn im so busy. sometimes i only sleep for a few hours. i gotta go soon now. oh and im even thinking about getting a job. haha wtf. ill die :/ im so gotta have to skip some school days man.